YOUR DAY | 31 Min

A meditation for PEACE within you and in the world - as 3D audio.

Text/Voice: Silke Schäfer | Astrologer of the new age
Music: Moritz SchneiderTheta-Music Composer, ProducerArts Festivals, London
Release: 30 October 2020
English Version on YouTube | German version on YouTube

You will find two versions with different amounts of data in your account:

  • wav-format: For the perfect binaural sound we offer a high-resolution file | 540 MB
  • mp3-format: A data compressed version | 74.6 MB
  • To get the full effect, we recommend total immersion into our peaceful  world by wearing headphones.

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YOUR DAY is our first joint production and thus the premiere of our cooperation.
YOUR DAY is our statement for the WORLD PEACE.

Moritz and I are very happy to have met each other and about the possibility to channel texts and music together from now on to manifest binaural meditations.

This meditation was produced in 3D audio (binaural) specifically for enjoying on headphones. It sounds a bit 'techie' - but you don't need to worry about that. What it means in reality, is that the Theta waves that we've integrated into the sound give you a more relaxing, deeper profound meditation. Of course, you can still listen to the meditation on speakers; but to get the full effect, we recommend total immersion into our peaceful  world by wearing headphones.

LOVE, Silke & Moritz

YOUR DAY | 31 Min

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