186_PISCES Sternen-News 02/2018

18th February to 20th March 2018 - 12 A4-pages / PDF

Let’s go on vacation

- The stars are on vacation…
- What happens if we suddenly find ourselves with time on our hands?
- A Pisces month full of lightbulb moments
- Please join the flow of life
- Simply be, do less
- When accumulated creative energy flows directly from the center of the universe
- Being nuts required strong partners
- How an 11-year-old talks about time-wasting
- It is not the result that is truly important in life, but the decision made
- The focal point of the mass media
- Subtle matter, sensitivity, dizziness, and light headaches
- The dual brain and the one heart
- A new consciousness of connectedness emerges
- Gratitude and passing on: a new culture of the heart
- Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Chiron are crossing the cosmic gap
- Discernment makes free, light, and elated
- Break out of the box and go into your creative studio
- Astrological details week 8 to 12 from 18th February 2018 to 25th March 2018
- Preview of week 13

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German edition #186.

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186_PISCES Sternen-News 02/2018

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