205_LIBRA Sternen-News 9/2019

23th September to 23rd October 2019 - 10 A4-pages / PDF / 14.6 MB


You can feel it!

  • 28 September: milestone of contemporary history
  • Italy’s new Minister of the Interior
  • Women, gay men and influencers
  • Pete Buttigieg: the first millennial aiming for the White House
  • Turning point in meat consumption
  • The other side of the Pisces-Lilith-Neptune-coin
  • Systemsprenger (Blowing up the system)
  • The individual weeks from 19 August to 23 September 2019 in astrological detail

This feeling of something “scary behind you” may make its presence felt when you notice that it’s getting serious – with the dreams and things you have been feeling deeply within you for a long time."

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205_LIBRA Sternen-News 9/2019

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