199_ARIES Sternen-News 3/2019

20th March to 20th April 2019 - 11 A4-pages / PDF / 12,9MB


When you feel the call…

  • The path for the showdown is now clear
  • Greta, the Capricorn-player
  • Generation of the new millennium
  • Scientists for Future are mobilizing
  • Slap the church awake
  • When two supersonic jets meet
  • And what is your military rank?
  • The gigantic shift of consciousness
  • Fundamental about-face in tech and social media
  • The livestreamed attacks in New Zealand
  • April 2019: Striking energy high point of the year 2019
  • In the crucible of purification
  • Upload filters against the theft of intellectual property
  • The transformation of competitive thinking has begun
  • Learn how to want properly
  • The individual weeks in detail: 18 March t0 21 April 2019

So, some people will have to prepare for the worst this April… but even the thickest skin will not help in the crucible of purification or trial or death – or of love!"

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199_ARIES Sternen-News 3/2019

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