200_TAURUS Sternen-News 4/2019

20th April to 21st May 2019 - 14 A4-pages / PDF / 14,9 MB


The Next Generation Leaders

  • In Paris Notre-Dame burns
  • VW-Dieselgate has consequences for ex-CEO Martin Winterkorn
  • George Clooney mobilizes against Brunei
  • Michael Jackson: Genius or monster?
  • A new karmic journey begins for Julian Assange
  • Highest cumulation on 30 April 2019
  • Three special generations in the field
  • Marie Kondo makes a case for happy kitchens
  • The first black and lesbian mayor of Chicago
  • 61-year-old gives birth to her own grandchild
  • Mandatory measles vaccination in nurseries and schools in the German state Brandenburg
  • European community and space community at a threshold
  • Digital scoring system for “better” citizens in China
  • Dynamic midterm exams until Sept 2019
  • Creating projects of kindness and truth
  • K-Pop, a new art form for generation K
  • K-Pop group BTS breaks the sonic barrier
  • 2019: The older generations are leaving the stage and the younger ones appear.
  • The individual weeks in detail: 15 April to 26 May 2019
  • The planet-spanning consciousness of humaneness
  • Taking off the corset of the last millennia
  • Conflict-free peace of mind

"The precision of the cosmic script is literally taking my breath away… it is a week like this one that inspired me to title this year with “The hour of truth”. (Week 18)

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200_TAURUS Sternen-News 4/2019

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