202_CANCER Sternen-News 6/2019

21st June to 23rd July 2019 - 15 A4-pages / PDF / 12,8 MB



  • Deepfake-technology, Mark Zuckerberg and world dominion
  • Pakistani Information Secretary goes viral
  • Ibiza video provides transparency
  • Heads are rolling – everywhere
  • App "Grammarly" needs Full Access to your credit card...
  • Jupiter/Neptune in dynamic tension
  • Dreams that are becoming true
  • BTS and multidimensionality
  • A digital native explains his generation
  • Official study recognizes the benefits of YouTube
  • Greta has top grades on her report card
  • Six (!) planets are retrograde
  • “Attack” of the YouTubers?
  • Terrorism is a business
  • The striking eclipses in July
  • Uranus in Taurus: radial relentlessness
  • Facebook announces its own crypto currency LIBRA
  • Fleets of satellites in space
  • Climate change? Space weather!
  • First timeless zone on Earth established in Norway
  • The individual weeks from 17th June to 28th July 2019 in astrological detail
  • Back to nature with bubble hotels
  • Horoscopes of Mette Frederiksen, Brigitte Bierlein, Andrea Nahles, Theresa May, Robert Habeck, Rezo, Heinz-Christian Strache, Sebastian Kurz

"Partnerships are facing the ultimate test now and we will see what stands upon a good foundation – and what does not…” (Week 29)

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202_CANCER Sternen-News 6/2019

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