201_GEMMINI Sternen-News 5/2019

21st May to 21st June 2019 - 12 A4-pages / PDF / 11,6 MB


Seeing off the old – fostering the new

  • Conflicting constellations
  • Plastic trash at the deepest point of the ocean
  • Two global sensations within three weeks
  • Strong polarization
  • Midterm exams until the end of September
  • Hate groups and their objects of desire
  • The universe “mercilessly” corrects what must be corrected at the
  • The totality of the ego in the crosshair of the courts
  • Facial recognition technology is being banned
  • Personal responsibility and interconnectedness
  • 5G and the creative energy of the spirit
  • Shaming for flying and the debasing of human dignity
  • Accelerator and brakes
  • The transparent lawmaker
  • Huffington Post opens a channel for Good News
  • The deeper meaning of the apocalypse
  • The individual weeks in detail: 20th May to 23rd June 2019

"Above all else this time of examination requires patience, love and kindness.”

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201_GEMMINI Sternen-News 5/2019

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