188_TAURUS Sternen-News 04/2018

20th April to 21st May 2018 - 11 A4-pages / PDF

From Quantity to Quality​

- A conscious decision for the lighter vibration
- The universe is playing new cards
- The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation
- The historic highlight of “Uranus in Taurus” and the new consciousness of values and ethics
- The vulnerability of the tech giants – Facebook etc
- Scandal at the Echo German Music Prize
- Artificial Intelligence and the code of human consciousness
- Digital currencies and cyber crime
- Transcendence – the most important value of our current times
- The technology of consciousness
- Friendships, nutrition, resources
- Saturn and Pluto retrograde
- Chiron in Aries: You are free from “must do” and from having to triumph
- Anger is always connected to the theme of power
- L’enfer c’est les autres – Hell is other people
- Examinations in advanced communication are coming
- Manifesting the new and great
- The symbolism of the British Royal Wedding
- Astrological details for the weeks from 16 April to 20 May 2018
- Preview of week 21

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German edition #188.

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188_TAURUS Sternen-News 04/2018

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