190_CANCER Sternen-News 06/2018

21st June to 22nd July 2018 - 10 A4-pages / PDF

Summer storms

- Complete spiritual renewal through Uranus
- The temporary breakdown of the old state or system 
- Mars retrograde with Lilith at the karmic past life point in tension to Aries-Uranus
- Killjoys, party-poopers, and stinkers
- Mid-June until end of September 2018: the second great high point of the year 
- Technological quantum leaps and feasibility 
- Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and China’s rise to become an AI-super power
- When algorithms anticipate human behavior 
- Each individual week from 18 June to 27 July in detail 
- Dancing barefoot in the summer storms...

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German edition #190.

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190_CANCER Sternen-News 06/2018

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