192_VIRGO Sternen-News 08/2018

23rd August to 23rd September 2018 - 11 A4-pages / PDF

The source itself intensifies its vibration

- The “radiant” pilot
- Cosmic law with celebrity status
- The thought lays down the tracks for the energy that follows the thought
- A high level of consciousness never inflicts verbal damage
- It’s impossible to argue with a master of wisdom
- The NASA is launching a probe to the Sun
- How millennials are turning the food industry upside down
- "The market is mature" – a classic three-dimensional statement of the good old days in economics
- New: Observing animals from space
- Mercury, Mars, Saturn direct again
- The tremendous time of letting go and the bridge collapse in Genoa
- The Grand Earth Trine: The Ascension process is in full blast
- Intensification of sense perceptions and the change in food consumption
- Chiron in the Cosmic Gap: Insights into the plan of creation
- The Grand Tension Square
- Mars/Lilith at the descending Lunar Node and the classic battle of the sexes of the old times
- The White House has a security problem
- The individual weeks from 20 August to 23 September 2018 in detail
- Between long-term success, big-time liberation and total shock
- Radical truth, dimensional shift in the whole universe and the law of the perfect economy
- The mantra of the New Age

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German edition #192.

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192_VIRGO Sternen-News 08/2018

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