193_LIBRA Sternen-News 09/2018

23rd September to 23rd October 2018 - 11 A4-pages / PDF

… and then add glitter!

- Weaving motion and balance
- “The Power of Ten”
- To the edge of the universe and back
- Putting everything into one weighing pan of the scales?
- The wand choses the wizard
- The healer activates point zero of the zodiac, the cosmic gap
- The necessity of making choices in every single moment
- People with an eye for the big picture
- What we can learn from astronauts
- “Ocean Cleanup” – let’s go!
- A teenager begins to free the oceans from plastic garbage
- First-graders are refusing to go to school
- Yoga for managers? Wuss or “being the boss”?
- The foundation of the new Age of Aquarius: Connect your inner-net
- Final phase of Mars/Lilith at the past life point: “Are there any skeletons left in your closet?”
-Venus retrograde: dimensional shift in partnerships
- Economic sanctions and tariffs when Venus is retrograde?
- A “gazillion” of money ?
- The individual weeks from 17 September to 28 October in detail

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German edition #193.

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193_LIBRA Sternen-News 09/2018

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