194_SCORPIO Sternen-News 10/2018

23rd October to 22nd November 2018 - 11 A4-pages / PDF

Change becomes visible

- The power of the images in our heads – and at the cinema
- The mind-led and ego-led human being is a phase-out model
- The Good Doctor upsets the worldview of the established medical elite
- The young people of the new world have arrived in our “old” politics
- Lilith in Aquarius: Life becomes colorful!
- How can the trolls in American politics be ousted?
- Female fighter pilot takes aim at Trump
- 13-year-olds protest the invisibility of women in the German language
- After project Ocean Clean-up now project Clean Space: Clean-up campaign in space
- Artificial intelligence and the end of our mental usefulness
- Three sign changes: One of the most special weeks of the year
- Uranus in Aries: The acceleration of cosmic vibration
- Lunar node in Cancer: The unity of all life
- Jupiter in Sagittarius: Collective Awakening
- Venus/Uranus and the Nobel Peace Prize 2018
- The individual weeks from 22 October to 25 November 2018 in detail


“…We have started a new lesson in order to learn (deeper) feeling (Lunar node in Cancer) and to expand our horizon (Sagittarius).  And with increasing wisdom, we can practice more compassion for those who are still stuck in the darkness of their conditioned mind. …”

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German edition #194.

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194_SCORPIO Sternen-News 10/2018

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