196_CAPRICORN Sternen-News 12/2018

21st December 2018 until 20th January 2019 - 16 A4-pages / PDF

A huge chunk of power

- Change is rolling along – led by: Women
- Huge maximum concentration in 2019
- The most important opportunities in 2019
- The people can use a huge chunk of power for themselves in 2019
- When the totality speaks
- 2019: The effects of your causes are becoming visible
- World years, world periods and the origins of the law of karma
- Liberation from personal karma
- When the reach of your star is limited
- The next task: Group karma
- Michelle Obama puts it straight
- Climate failure: The new generation of children is giving politicians a piece of their mind - candidly
- 2020 passing the baton – in 2021 a completely new phase of human history begins
- The individual weeks from 17 December 2018 to 21 January 2019 in detail
- The most wonderful gift under the Christmas tree
- 2019 may seem quite scary for the unconscious beginner...
- Total Supermoon-Blood Moon-Full Moon-Eclipse on 20/01/2019 »Ticket
- 2019: Let’s flood the world with love and light!
- 2019: My new year’s message for you
- Planetary movements 2019: The hour of truth – 2-page overview


"Are you ready to surrender to the process of becoming a butterfly, just like a caterpillar? Or do you want to call the shots? That will not be possible this year."

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196_CAPRICORN Sternen-News 12/2018

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